Assetto Corsa – Stratotech 24/7

Hey sim drifters! Got an itch to get sideways but winter’s got you down? Or just feeling like bashing doors with no consequences?
I’ve got a 24/7 Stratotech server running to fill that void.

Currently the server is free of charge and can be found by searching for “SPEC-D / TANDEMIC BASH” in content manager.

Screencap from the pits.

Excuse my shoddy drone camera work. But watch the video above for a few laps around Strato.

All content on the server is currently hosted here. Car packs change from time to time, and so so the layouts, but the server will always return back to Strato 24/7

Big thanks to the Hexor Mods Assetto Corsa community, Team Tandemic, Zestino Tires and Spec-D for getting this put together.