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2021 Schedule

Check to see where I (or the team) will be over the summer, and if we are available for private shoots with this handy dandy calendar.

Car Shoots

Been out on the town in the last while? Out at United Cycle when that was a thing, or any of the pop up meets hosted by @euroyeg or @overdrivemotorenthusiasts??

A good chance you’re already online in the gallery.


Enjoy Drifting? You’ll find all sorts of drift related content here, from practices out at Castrol Raceway, to competitions at Edmonoton Internation Raceway or pure grassroots events like Stratobash.

  • Stratobash 4 Light Painting / what I’ve been doing.
    I’d like to start by saying I know these light painting shots are quite delayed, and I apologize to everyone who purchased them back in September. I always strive to deliver a quality product and refuse to rush through photos and process them in a way where the end result…

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  • 2023 Spec-D Calendar
    Hi Friends! Long time since I’ve made a post online here! Creativity is one of those things that I sometimes feel myself a bit lackluster in. I’ve been brainstorming over the last few months other ideas of physical media I could see myself doing. I’ve got ideas for decals, shirts,…

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  • Team Tandemic Poster Collection
    From me – to the homies I say every year, I take way too many photos. The odd week it takes me to run through a set sometimes especially with my current job. But every single one that makes it out, get turned from something simple to something like this.…

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  • Welcome Back Summer
      Test post to show how much we miss summer         [PiwigoPress id=2689-2692 lnktype=albumpicture url=’’]