Monthly Archives: December 2021

From me – to the homies I say every year, I take way too many photos. The odd week it takes me to run through a set sometimes especially with my current job. But every single one that makes it out, get turned from something simple to something like this. Thanks to all these guys for letting me add weight to the passenger seat at some point, and for continuously being the primary reason I keep coming out – To see my friends chase each others doors and burn rubber. I’ll be there snapping away next season, for more cool artworks like this.  Jordan Pankiw The only Team Tandemic wrapped car this season, it was sure to turn heads while Jordan continued to improve greatly on his driving skills this year. Nearing the end of the season, Jordan took home first in the 2021 Bro-Am competition.  Congratulations!  [PiwigoPress id=24743 url=’’…

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