Monthly Archives: November 2022

Hi Friends! Long time since I’ve made a post online here! Creativity is one of those things that I sometimes feel myself a bit lackluster in. I’ve been brainstorming over the last few months other ideas of physical media I could see myself doing. I’ve got ideas for decals, shirts, heck, even posters for next year when it gets down to it. But what’s the best thing you could do, that showcases the talented drivers we have out there? Make a Calendar of course. I present to you, the 2023 Spec-D Calendar. Crafted during November as a mini project, this is a brief showcase of the 2022 season and the fun times we shared scattered across Mission Raceway, Stratotech Park, as well as Rad Torque Raceway. Big thanks to Shawn & Cecilia Hartum for giving me some dates that have been set in stone (with the exception of weather conditions)…

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